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Living in the 21st century is difficult. Life is a chaotic environment where balance is continuously tilted to favour one or the other side. It is indeed the survival of the fittest, the survival of the strongest, the domination of those who have and the desecration of those who don't. Weaponized Nuclear Weapons are one of mankind's greatest threats. Although member states claim their use to be extensively to generate power, it is harboured in large amounts as deterrents to threats and a defence in times of need. Although the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty created a safe environment to reduce nuclear arsenal, member states still continue to harness and grow their nuclear programme in the fear of an imminent attack or a defence to a possible threat. Does the world need these weapons today? Does it severely threaten diplomatic ties? Are we curled up in our safe havens because we are slaves to the ones who continue to grow their Nuclear Programmes. 
The effect of a nuclear attack persists for decades because of the prolonged radiation and the genetic disruption it causes. Is the world okay to let millions of lives burn away because of world domination?

Agenda: Discussing the effects of Weaponized nuclear technology