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It is 1919, The Treaty of Versailles is signed to great fervour and applause at the Hall of Mirrors in France. The Allies, having achieved victory in the Great War, had drafted the Treaty to ensure that Germany would never threaten the World again. That the Great war would be nothing more than a chapter in the history books of Children of the Brave New World they had fought and died for. 
Little did the original Drafters of said Treaty realise that years later, the Great war would be completely overshadowed by the most Disastrous war in the History of the world. And the fuel that ignited said war would be the same Treaty of Versailles, the one that was signed to end the great war, signed to humiliate Germany. 
The year is now 1935, Democracy is failing and it's inadequacy is now revealed in times of adversity. London, the so called "Cradle of Civilization", "The Heart of the New World", will now become the city from where Fascism takes over the world. Delegates, welcome to the moment where History shall be forever changed. Fresh from a disastrous meeting at Switzerland the previous year, the Fascist Parties of the World have come together one last time to deliberate on the inherent features of their movement. To rebuild the world in their own image, the creation of a truly fascist Europe and in turn, a fascist world. Welcome delegates to the London Fascist Summit, 1935.

Agenda: Discussing the traits of Universal Fascism.
Delegates please note that this will be a double delegation committee.