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When Malcom Gladwell described everyday events that have the capability to tip the scale of the fate, we're fairly certain he didn’t equate that to the CCC. The continuous crisis committee is more than one magnanimous international incident that may plunge the world into irrevocable pandemonium but rather it is a series of nail-biting updates that could potentially reverse the world order as we know it. The delegates of the CCC shall be subject to one fundamental cause that shall be addressed as the primary objective of the committee. The delegates shall be provided with timely updates through the course of the committee. Delegates are expected to anchor resolutions while actively trying to include the conditions under the new developments. The Agenda for the CCC shall be revealed only 24 hours prior to session. 
Delegates, the CCC is like no other committee, it shall reinforce your conviction in the institution of international diplomacy while also inadvertently questioning your own moral compass.
The committee is exhaustive and research heavy but the experience is truly unparalleled. 
Hint: it's 1975....
Please note that this committee does not represent the views of the institution or the conference. It is only a simulation of a crisis that "could have" taken place