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India has just voted and has voted decisively. The simple majority that the Bhartiya Janata Party enjoys is something that no party other than the Congress has in the last 70 odd years of independent, democratic India. Several challenges remain and more new ones arise with each passing year. 
The refugee conundrum is one that is faced by a large number of countries and is even more so pronounced in India, thanks to various historical and cultural factors. The political parties in India will have to come together and draft a list of suggestions that when implemented, would constitute a humanitarian refugee policy that both safeguards the interests of our people and ensures that human rights are protected. The debates surrounding the National Register of Citizens are of equal importance and vastly interlinked with India's refugee policy and the need of the hour is for India to clearly outline it's vision vis-a-vis it's refugee policy.

Agenda: Discussing India's refugee policy with special reference to the potential socio-economic impacts of the implementation of the National Register of Citizens (NRC) in India. 
Reserve agenda: Discussing the viability of a nation-wide policy to ensure women security and tackle crimes against women.