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Journalists are perennially required to be full of vim and vigour, ready to follow any lead... and in an unending quest, they must be unquestionably canderous. They must bring to light the slightest trespasses, the scantiest of breaches, and the most convincing mendacities. 
SMUN 2019 presents to you the International Press Corps! This committee is the personification of the pen that is mightier than the sword and the words that speak louder than.... well, some other words. 
The very essence of press and media is to ensure formulation of well informed public opinion...but what happens when the same press fails to provide the citizens of the world community with actual news about the world? What happens when articulation takes a scandal-mongering, sensational form? 
Dear correspondents, welcome to three days of dauntless debate, robust reports, iconoclast interviews and pandemonium inducing press conferences!

Agenda: The bane of yellow journalism on authentic information and its implications.